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Create better business in no time!

Nothing can stop you!

You just saved me a quarter of a million dollars.”

Dr. Kelly Hyde

CEO Accountability Solutions

Attention Business Leaders!


CEO’s – Owners – Directors – Consultants

What if I were to tell you chances are good that you have a hidden resource in your business that when tapped could yield 100% increase in revenue, profit and productivity?

A current economic futurist in Megatrends 2010 says, “the power of spirituality is the greatest megatrend of our era. This coming decade is about the rise of conscious capitalism. Conscious capitalism is about looking beyond what meets your outer eye, to search for fresh answers and new directions.”

This sounds to me like “Corporate Shamanism!”

Many of you are facing overwhelming problems today, along with lingering concerns about the state of the country and our world. The real challenge though is that doing business the same old same old just isn’t cutting it anymore.

So what’s happening is you’re not finding the solutions and getting the results you need to stay on track and succeed.

Well, I am a corporate shaman, and business and nonprofit leaders and consultants who work with me are ready to try something different to get massively different results. And they do, with my simple five-step process.

My clients say my practical approach combined with my unique skills, intuition and sense of true purpose make their decisions easy. They are relieved to have their problems solved, their direction clear, and to feel settled and peaceful.

But at the end of the day, they say what probably matters most is that they’ve finally found a way to feel fully balanced, invigorated and successful doing what they love.

By working with me you’re getting more than you ever imagined. I’ve been accused of giving my clients an “unfair market advantage”.

Working with me, you can:

  • access information hidden to most people
  • tap unexplored resources in your business
  • gain remarkable insights on your current and future opportunities


Me: I’m direct, supportive, strategic — a healer.

You: Want to Power Up your professional and personal business?

Result? Your Success from the Inside Out!


Important!  You may think what I do isn’t suitable for everyone. So pause and consider…

Is Corporate Shamanism right for me? Yes or No?

  • I want to “make a difference” in my workplace and in the world while making a profit.
  • I am an innovative thinker, open to new ways of doing business.
  • I want my business to have an unfair market advantage.
  • I consider myself spiritual.
  • I am ready to try something different to get massively different results.

Corporate Shamanism is a Call-to-Action!

Here’s why? But first, let’s get something straight. “Corporate Shamanism” is not just for Corporations. Corporate Shamanism is an indication that shamanic and metaphysical principles, quantum physics and laws of attraction, and energy-based psychology and healing methods are being applied into all realms of the work place.

And who is it for? Corporate Shamanism is for leaders in all business sectors including corporations, small business, mid-size companies, and even home-based business. It is also for foundations and nonprofit organizations, and management consultants.

So why the Call-to-Action? Corporate Shamanism is about bringing awareness of and relationship with Spirit into the work place. Did you know that at the moment your business or organization was conceived, it’s Spirit arrived to preside over and create an environment just perfect for the people who are drawn to work there, to express their creativity and contribution to the world, to heal and to become all they were meant to be?  The Spirit of your business is ready, willing and able, standing by to be called on to inform, guide, and empower you!  And since 2010 is the decade of the power of spirituality and the rise of conscious capitalism, the time is NOW for Corporate Shamanism!

ROI with Corporate Shamanism?  So much! Increased sales, revenue and profit are just the beginning.  Here’s more:
• ignites potential, productivity and power
• end of the day vigor and vitality; no more wipe-out or burn-out
• the Spirit of your business tells you what it needs to grow and flourish
• greater clarity of vision, mission, values, goals, objectives and benchmarks
• growth and sustainability
• practical solutions to difficult and complex problems
• brings possibilities otherwse not visible
• balance and authenticity between inner and outer life, between professional and personal life
• stock value increase
• effective decision making
• direct revelation and guidance
• cultivates employees who feel emotionally compelled to do their business feeling and believing that what they do is deeply important to them in some way
• reduced absenteeism
• improved and effective business relationships
• healthy cash flow

The time for Corporate Shamanism is NOW!